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Carol Hannan - Spokesperson, Model, Actor

Carol Hannan works in the southern California area as a Spokesperson, Model, Actor, and Voice-over Artist for photographers, artists, film makers, and videographers.

Please view the following pages to see samples of Carol's work as a model, spokesperson, and actor.

Carol's athletic physique comes from her extensive background in physical conditioning. Her work, in addition to modeling and acting, includes years of experience as a university lecturer and as a personal fitness trainer working with individuals, groups, and as a corporate wellness facilitator. She has a lifetime commitment to physical fitness, good health and wellness. For more about Carol's career in fitness, visit her website at

Carol is a UCLA graduate, the mother of four adult children, a high energy professional with an excellent work ethic and a great sense of humor.

Carol and Family

Carol (second from the left) with her four children





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